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Transport Services UK Supports MKM’s Complex Supply Chain

The Client

MKM is a highly respected supplier of bentonite, absorbent minerals, and cat litter in the UK and Europe. Their work not only includes supplying high-profile projects for international civil engineering and tunnelling companies but also supplying eco-friendly cat litter products to leading supermarkets. For such diverse operations, a reliable logistics partner is crucial.

The Challenge

Operating across different business sectors with unique requirements, MKM needed a logistics partner capable of accommodating last-minute requests and delivering within strict time constraints. Their business demanded precision, reliability, and flexibility – elements that are fundamental for any logistics operation.

The Solution

Transport Services UK rose to the challenge, providing MKM with reliable transport services tailored to their needs. We successfully accommodated their last-minute requests, ensuring that their operations were never disrupted. Our team was dedicated to making sure their deliveries always arrived on time and within budget.

The Results

Thanks to our partnership, MKM enjoys peace of mind, knowing that their logistics needs are taken care of. The company praises our commitment to customer service and our professional approach. As a result, MKM has been able to focus on their core operations and further establish their presence in the market.


“Transport Services UK’s exceptional dedication to providing reliable transport services and accommodating last-minute requests has been invaluable to our core business. Their customer service is beyond reproach, and we always rely on them to deliver on time and budget. Working with Transport Services UK has given us peace of mind and we highly recommend them for affordable, friendly, and professional transport services.”


Our collaboration with MKM highlights the commitment, reliability, and flexibility that Transport Services UK offers. When you partner with us, you’re gaining a logistics provider that will go the extra mile to meet your unique needs. We’re here to deliver not just your goods, but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing your logistics needs are being managed professionally and efficiently.