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Transport Services UK Fuels Waverly Carbon’s Innovation

The Client

Waverly Carbon is an industry leader, standing as the UK’s only producer of Recovered Carbon Black (rCB). Born out of a vision to provide pyrolysis operators and companies an outlet for their tyre char, they are paving the way towards a sustainable future. With their unique position in the market, they need a logistics partner that understands the complexities of their operations and the critical role timely deliveries play in their business.

The Challenge

In a high-paced, demanding field, unexpected complications can occur. Waverly Carbon experienced such a challenge when their original haulier fell through on a priority job. The company needed a reliable partner who could step in promptly and ensure their operations continued running smoothly.

The Solution

Transport Services UK was ready to take up the challenge. Stepping in at a crucial moment, we delivered the reliable and affordable solutions Waverly Carbon needed. We took over the priority job, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery that allowed Waverly Carbon to maintain their operational efficiency.

The Results

Since that successful intervention, Waverly Carbon has chosen to consistently rely on Transport Services UK for their logistics needs. Their operations continue to run smoothly, enabling them to focus on their mission of accelerating the tyre pyrolysis industry. Waverly Carbon has commended us for our customer focus, reliability, and friendly approach.


“Waverly Carbon highly recommends Transport Services UK for all your transportation needs.”


Our partnership with Waverly Carbon exemplifies the level of commitment and customer service you can expect from Transport Services UK. We’re here to provide you with dependable, on-time deliveries, ensuring your unique and vital products reach their destinations when needed. With us as your logistics partner, you can focus on your mission, while we take care of the logistics. Together, we can help create a greener, more sustainable future.