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Seamless Container Haulage for ICL Tech

The Challenge

ICL – International Cargo Logistics experienced a rapid growth in its customer base. With this expansion, there was a growing need for efficient and reliable freight transportation. They needed a logistics partner capable of handling their diverse transportation requirements while ensuring on-time deliveries, crucial for upholding their reputation for outstanding service. Moreover, it was essential for ICL to find a partner who could integrate seamlessly into their operations, decreasing their workload while delivering high-quality service to their clients.

The Solution

Transportation Services UK, known for its vast network and commitment to excellence, emerged as the perfect fit for ICL. By harnessing their expansive infrastructure and dependable fleet, Transportation Services UK provided consistent and prompt freight transportation services, aligning perfectly with ICL’s stringent schedules.

Central to this thriving partnership was Katie Samuels, the main point of contact for ICL at Transportation Services UK. Katie’s proactive mindset and impeccable communication capabilities ensured the processes ran smoothly and kept ICL updated at every stage.

The Results

Collaborating with Transportation Services UK ushered in a period of notable enhancements in ICL’s logistics proceedings. In January, ICL was contending with 19 hours of demurrage charges. Recognizing this issue, Transportation Services UK took control of ICL’s booking procedures. This proactive measure had an immediate effect: by February 2023, demurrage hours had been reduced to a commendable 0. This optimization not only saved costs for ICL but also showcased the efficiency improvements brought in by Transportation Services UK.

Moreover, freight deliveries were always on point, reinforcing ICL’s dedication to its clientele. In fact, drivers from Transportation Services UK were frequently lauded by ICL’s customers, underlining the advantages of this alliance.

Working alongside Transportation Services UK enabled ICL to noticeably lessen their operational burdens, giving them the liberty to concentrate on their primary focus: orchestrating international cargo logistics.

ICL stated, “The collaboration with Transportation Services UK has significantly lightened our operational load. Their services come highly recommended for anyone seeking dependable freight transportation.”


The flourishing partnership between ICL – International Cargo Logistics and Transportation Services UK stands as a testament to the unparalleled services rendered by Transportation Services UK. Their smooth integration into ICL’s operations, timely consignments, and consistent commendations from satisfied customers highlight their unwavering dedication to excellence in every venture. For those on the hunt for a reliable, efficient, and customer-focused logistics solution, Transportation Services UK is the obvious choice.