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Start Your Journey as an Owner Driver in the HGV Industry with Transport Services UK

Have you ever considered the rewarding career of an owner driver in the HGV industry? At Transport Services UK, we’re here to guide and support your journey into this exciting role. Being an owner driver offers not just a job, but a path filled with freedom, flexibility, and financial rewards.

Becoming an Owner Driver: Your First Steps

To kick off your career as an owner driver, you need to be over 18 and hold a valid HGV driving licence. Details can be found here. After passing the HGV license you will need to work on obtaining the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). This certificate is a key requirement for any professional owner driver. You’ll need to pass a series of tests, including theory, case studies, driving ability, and practical demonstration. Remember, to maintain your status as a qualified owner driver, you need to renew your licence every five years (or annually after 65) and complete 35 hours of periodic training within each five-year period.

The Role of an Owner Driver

As an owner driver with Transport Services UK, you’ll have the freedom created by running your own business, without the headache of having to find the work. Your role involves planning efficient routes, adapting to traffic and weather conditions, ensuring safe and timely deliveries, and the responsibility of managing your schedule. As an owner driver, you are the face of our company, interacting with clients and always maintaining professionalism. Your day-to-day tasks will also include overseeing the safe loading and unloading of your vehicle, ensuring all loads are secure for transport, and basic vehicle maintenance checks.

Skills You Need as an Owner Driver

To succeed as an owner driver, you’ll need more than just excellent driving skills. Time management, independence, and a strong customer service mindset are vital. Your ability to manage paperwork accurately, like tachographs, and delivery notes, is crucial in maintaining the high standards expected of an owner driver.

Career Opportunities for Owner Drivers

The demand for skilled owner drivers in the UK is consistently strong. As an owner driver, you have the potential to explore various paths within the industry, from staying behind the wheel to roles in logistics management or training. For those looking to specialise, obtaining an ADR Certificate to transport dangerous goods can open new, lucrative opportunities.

What Can You Expect to Earn?

Starting out, as an owner driver you can expect your business to turnover around £125,000 per year, rising to potentially £250,000 per year assuming you choose the correct work, get your vehicle working more than 1 per shift per day (using an additional driver), plan your loading and unloading efficiently.

Many owner drivers, once up and running, move on to becoming owner operators, putting more vehicles and drivers on the road to take advantage of economies of scales.

Transport Services UK help a mix of owner drivers and owner operators to start and scale their business.

Join Our Team at Transport Services UK

If you’re interested in starting your career as an owner driver or joining our network at Transport Services UK, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us for more information. Your journey as an owner driver in the HGV sector begins with us.